Everyone is different essay

everyone is different essay

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From a female perspective, i would say she deserves more pay than the male because chances are she still has to go home, prepare dinner, sit down and help both her children with their nightly homework, and work up a presentation she needs to give. However, i am not seriously asking for more pay on the job just because i am a woman but it would be nice to know that we at least received the same pay for the same job. Conclusionin our society, gender roles are present but I feel they are not beneficial to either sex. Women are portrayed as physically weaker, but that is because as a general rule they are physically weaker. It is not so much an evil conspiracy by the man but an observation of an obvious fact. It has been proven that gender roles are not something that society determines, but that nature determines.

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In successful homes, the nature roles of all family members are changing, the roles of mom, dad, and the children. Roles of men and women in the workplacewomen still feel threatened when it comes to the workplace. The danger women feel has been fed throughout history by the practice of keeping women in their place by limiting their options. This was accomplished on one level by preventing women from gaining the sort of education offered to men, and while this has changed to a great extent in the United States, there are still inequalities in the opportunities offered to men as opposed to women. However, in much of the world women are barred from advanced knowledge and technical training even in this 21st century. Yet opening the world of business with new opportunities for women does not dissipate much of this frustration because both men and women continue to be ruled by their early training, by the acculturation process which decides for them what sort of existence they will. This can result in feelings of guilt when their reality and the image they have been taught from childhood do not mesh (Lahey, 1998). While it is true men and women? S roles in the workplace are becoming closer in equality, there is still a great amount of room for improvement. For example, woman in upper management should receive the same amount of pay as her male coworker receives write for the same job.

Business has been slow to change and to acknowledge the new family, and for all the complaints about the womens movement working as anti-family, the movement has instead followed the trend of placing the family in the forefront of addressing family issues as vital to women. The roles of men and women in the home are becoming more co-operative than in the past decades. If a woman chooses to work (or needs to work) the duties that are expected of her should be talked about before she goes into the workforce. If children are old enough to contribute to the household, then they too should be utilized in making the family home run smoothly. Everyone needs to pitch in to help take some stress off the mother. They must realize that she feels responsible for the family and their welfare. If the house is falling apart she may feel guilty for going to work. Today, it is not uncommon for a man to come home and fold a load of laundry while his wife is cooking dinner.

everyone is different essay

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I dont know how your mother does it all. I think time are harder for women these days. This type of thinking is not new. When women first united for the right to vote at the beginning of this century, they were opposed by womens groups who wanted things to remain as they were. Many of these women were ladies of means and social position in society (Tobias, 1997). The fact is that the family has changed and that the traditional family structure of homemaker, husband as breadwinner, constitutes only 10 percent of families. The role for women has expanded with more women in the workplace and with a variety of family structures with new roles for all members of the family.

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everyone is different essay

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They are initiated at a very early age, beginning at birth. From the time of birth our young are beginning to learn their gender roles. Society begins teaching them certain values and creating in them certain behavior patterns acceptable to their social roles. These roles have been in a state of flux in American society in recent years. Men and women today can be seen as having expanded their roles in society, with women entering formerly male dominated roles and men finding new ways to relate to and function in the family unit. Roles of men and women in the familyclearly, circumstances of family life have changed in the modern era.

Industry has been taken out of the home, and large families are no longer economically possible or socially desired. Women have made advances shop toward the equality they seek only to encounter a backlash in the form of religious fundamentalism, claims of reverse discrimination by males, and hostility from a public that thinks the womens movement has won everything it wanted and should thus now. Both the needs of women today and the backlash that has developed derive from the changes in social and sexual roles that have taken place in the period since world War. These changes involve the new ability of women to break out of the gender roles created for them by a patriarchal society. It would be a mistake to see changing gender roles in society as threatening only to males who dominate that society. Such changes also threaten many women who have accepted more traditional roles and see change as a threat.

And most importantly, are we really being fair, or do we just think we are? Gender Differences Essay, research Paper, everyone acknowledges that there are significant differences between males and females, even if they are only physical. Others see not only the physical but also the social, emotional and intellectual differences between male and female. Gender roles influence women and men in virtually every area of life including family and occupation, but are women and men subject to different roles or behavior expectations? Gender roles by definition are the social norms that dictate what is socially appropriate male and female behavior (Tobias, 1997).

In early American culture it was common for a womens job to be a submissive homemaker in clear contrast to the males aggressive breadwinner role. The seventies marked the beginning of the womans movement and the end of the ideals we held on what it is to be a man and what it is to be a woman. Gender roles in Western society have been changing rapidly in recent years. The transformation was created by evolutionary changes in society, including economic changes, and perhaps because people felt pressured to change; they felt the traditional social structure was somehow unjust or unfair. Gender roles are a part of the socialization process of human beings. These roles are influenced by the individual? S cultural and economic background.

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Furthermore sometimes people have disabilities that others dont have. Sometimes there are illnesses and kindness diseases that run in families, and some inherit that disease and some dont, retrolisthesis which is another difference. If we try and list these differences they will not have an end, and just thinking would take long too. So its not a case of what is the same and what can be different, its just how people think about things in their own point of view. So regardless of what there is that can be used as an argument, and however we think the ones who think the opposite are wrong, and no matter which angle we use look at things, it all goes back to opinion, and opinions are very. And my opinion stays the same, but what about yours? And whats more important is to reason why we look at things from that point of view, and if we really are being fair, or if we are just judging others by what we think of them, and how we think of them.

everyone is different essay

That can make a lot of differences compared to someone who was born rich, lived rich, and essay died rich. Another way of looking at things is peoples appearance. Some people really care about how they look, and always try to look their best at times. Some wouldnt give that subject a second thought. Some do care, but not so much. And thats related to both personality and physical appearance. Language spoken is also a difference. And the fact that some of us can do something that others cant, which comes down to ability.

another difference. For example, everyone is a human being, but everyone is a different kind of human being, depending on personality, looks, and abilities. And the fact that everyone has a dream that is to be fulfilled can also be a difference, like everyone has a different dream and a different goal for the future. As for the life, everyone does have a life, but it depends on how they live it, and how everyone uses it that makes a difference. Besides, some people are born to have the personality to be good leaders, and others have the power and will to work hard in what theyre good at, while others dont treasure their abilities, and instead they use it for their own good, to get. Thats an example of being and not being able to be a useful person, to not use life wisely, and another way why people are different. Some believe that people differ in how they look (both on the outside and the inside how they react to things around them, their personality, beliefs, ethics and religions. What can also count as a difference is how everyone is raised, what theyre taught to believe, where and when they were born and who they lived with. People often adopt habits from those they live with, which can sometimes be good, and sometimes be bad.

Alike or Different or any similar topic specifically for you. And thats yet another similarity, which makes mistaken judgment also put into account. Feelings are also something to look. For example, people do get happy, angry and sad in different situations, but everyone still gets those emotions essay at times, regardless of reason. And everyone goes through the same life cycle, how theyre born, turn to children, then the teenage, middle aging comes after, then being old, and finally death. Everyone will face death someday. And everyone is made by god, and made of the same materials, as some believe. Everyone eats and breathes, everyone has the five senses, nobody can live without a vital organ, and no one can have supernatural powers. And these are all similarities.

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We can try and change ourselves, by changing our appearance, putting on makeup, wearing different clothes, jewellery, etc. But its not just a case of appearance, but it also involves the person underneath that mask everyone tries to hide behind. Nobody has ever tried to look at the person underneath before judging them. Its just ego that stands in the way. What will milton's the result be when people are stripped of all their accessories, when that mask is removed? What we get is a rollercoaster of emotions. Things that people can never guess are hidden underneath. We will write a custom essay sample.

Everyone is different essay
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  3. 184 990 essays, term and. Free growing up everyone will expierence some form of beauty comes from within essays peer pressure. Everyone is different but we all came from the same place and all evolved together. Gender Differences on Memory Essay. 1926 words - 8 pages. Background Research It has been a time-consuming belief that women have better multi-tasking skills than men.

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