Area of interest in resume for mba marketing

area of interest in resume for mba marketing

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Submit official and unofficial transcripts to the. Office of Graduate Admissions. Admission to the degree program is determined primarily on the basis of predictors of success in graduate study: a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution, grade point average computed on the last 60 undergraduate hours and a satisfactory score on the Graduate management Admissions Test. In rare instances the Graduate record Examination (GRE) may be accepted in lieu of the gmat. Submit official or unofficial gmat scores to the. Applicants with three or more years of extensive managerial work experience (earned in the. Or with.

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About the mba program, total Semester Credit hours 36, non-Thesis. The basic objective of the master of business administration (MBA) degree program is to offer individuals an opportunity to develop corporate leadership ability in an increasingly complex and dynamic global society by enhancing their knowledge, managerial skill and perspective. The broad, integrated curriculum provides the student with an opportunity to gain understanding of the major facets of multinational business operations in a competitive environment. The program includes work in the theoretical foundations of business, quantitative controls, decision-making, the development of advanced functional skills, and the global and ethical environment of business. An opportunity is also provided for a limited degree of specialization. The program is a non-thesis program designed for graduates from recognized colleges of business as well as graduates in liberal arts, science, engineering or other fields desiring to undertake professional studies in the area of business administration. Degree: mba (Online and On-campus Options available). Business Administration mba degree: 16-week terms. Business Administration mba degree: Accelerated 7 week terms good - online Only. General Graduate Admission Requirements, apply online. Pay the application fee.

Logistics is positioned as a value-adding process that achieves time and essay place synchronization of demand with operational fulfillment. Emphasis will be placed on challenges related to providing logistical support for procurement, manufacturing, and marketing-distribution. This course will focus on supply chain strategy, logistics information systems, segmental positioning, order management and fulfillment, inventory, forecasting and collaborative planning. In addition, we will focus on more operational issues relating to transportation, third party logistics, warehousing, materials handling, international logistics, and facility network design. Master of Business Administration Online, home, academics. Online Programs, master of Business Administration Online. Master of Business Administration Degree plan: Online and Face-to-face.

area of interest in resume for mba marketing

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The topics include defining leadership, early and contemporary concepts of leadership, leading teams, leading change, and developing leaders. Ultimately, this course encourages students to apply what they learn to their own development and into their current organizations. The course will also integrate the main functions of the effective leader such as planning, control and motivation. fin644 : Credit retail Risk Analysis : (Credit hours: 3) The course presents current and best practice for retail/consumer credit quality assessment, retail/consumer lending and Account Receivables (A/RS) management, and collections off policies and strategies for retail/ consumer credit portfolios. During the course, students are introduced to procedures for managing Account Receivables (A/Rs) and collections, and establishing terms of sale, payment conditions, and payment deadlines. The course addresses issues related to credit quality assessment, forecasting credit loss exposures and evaluating credit granting decisions. mgt651 : Logistics Management : (Credit hours: 3) Supply Chain Logistics is the basic logistics class in the business curriculum. Student attention is directed to the logistical mission confronted by various types of business organizations.

hrm642 : Employment Relations (Labor Law) : (Credit hours: ) This course provides an overview of the various methods and concepts, which make up and affect labor relations in Egypt. Through case studies, collective bargaining simulations and by examining collective agreements, the student will gain an understanding of the collective bargaining process as well as its application to the workplace and factors that affect employee-employer relations, such as mediation, and conflict management. The course also enables students to evaluate hr policies against principles of employment law. Students learn about Egyptian Labor laws and policies designed to protect equal employment opportunities (e.g., civil rights, disabilities, and family leave) and to compensate employees for occupational injuries and illnesses. Students also learn legal principles affecting employee rights to privacy, restricting employment-at-will policies, and restraining an organization's right to screen employees for drugs and alcohol. hrm644 : leadership team building : (Credit hours: 3) This course is designed to provide students with a theory- and research-based, integrative, hands-on, and practical view of leadership. The many debates and controversies within the field of leadership are presented with an emphasis on integration of the concepts and distilling useful and practical concepts from each theory while taking a cross-cultural perspective.

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area of interest in resume for mba marketing

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Second, we explore the possibility to improve investment performance and corporate performance by recognizing the cognitive biases and applying appropriate 'debasing' techniques. Finally, we investigate the implications of behavioral finance for the construction of good corporate governance mechanisms. fin653 analyst : Derivatives resume Market : (Credit hours: 3) "This course develops understanding of the basic derivative-related financial instruments (forwards, swaps, futures, at-the-money european options, collars, and participation contracts and their use in transforming and managing risky investments and projects. Objectives: 1) to provide a basic understanding of derivatives practice and use in financial markets. 2) to provide practical and simple investment and corporate financial management strategies using derivatives. 3) to allow students to apply these concepts and skills to meet investment and corporate finance objectives, using a series of examples that build to a final project." - hrm641 : Performance Appraisal compensation : (Credit hours: 3) to survive and to succeed in the.

For making all these possible an organization should possess human resources that could function efficiently and effectively. Human resources are valuable resources for any enterprise. The measure of companys success is as much a function of the way it manages its employees as it is a function of its structure and financial resources. Appraising human potential and compensating them in a scientific and systematic manner paves way for enhanced corporate performance. The course addresses theory, principles and practices linking effective performance management and compensation and benefit systems in organizational settings.

Banking Assets and liability management is the act of planning, acquiring, and directing the flow of funds through an organization. mgt652 : Change management : (Credit hours: 3) The course examines the issues involved in the implementation and management of change. Participants analyze the triggers for change, explore ways to pro-actively prepare their organizations to benefit from external change; learn to understand the dynamics that cause internal resistance to change and explore methodologies for dealing with such resistance. Actual case studies are analyzed to achieve a thorough understanding of possible organizational behaviors in a change intensive environment. The course also shed light on the pressures and complex factors that may exist in organizations facing change and the importance of the skill.

fin654 : Contract trade finance : (Credit hours: 3) The course is divided in two parts: the first part addresses issues related to trade finance and the second part is devoted to contract finance. The first part is designed as an introduction to the world of trade finance, comprising faces of international trade, instruments used for assessment of sovereign risk and trade promotion. The second part of this course covers the principles of contracting with the government as a prime or subcontractor. It covers the information needed to understand government procurement from formation to contract completion. The course introduces students to the analysis of key issues and their practical application in contracting. The course compares commercial/public contracting methods and explains the types of contracts used by government and the application of each type to the statement of work. fin652 : Behaviorial Finance : (Credit hours: 3) This course is intended to complement other finance courses that are mainly based on the traditional paradigm which assumes that investors and managers are generally rational. Specifically, this course has three main objectives. First, we aim to examine how the insights of behavioral finance theories shed light on the behavior of individual investors and finance professionals in investment decision-making and corporate financial decision-making.

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Attention will also be given to tnt the diverse environment in which advertising and promotion operates and promotional decisions are made. Finally, the regulatory, social and economic factors that influence, and are in turn influenced by an organization's advertising and promotional program will be examined., mKT652 : Service marketing : (Credit hours: 3). The course is designed to address issues related to marketing and managing services and delivering quality service to customers. The course focuses planner on how to attract, retain and build strong customer relationships through quality service and services. The methods and concepts presented during the course are applicable to every organization whose core product is service (e.g., banks, transportation companies, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, professional services, telecommunication, etc.) and to organizations that depend on service excellence for competitive advantage (high technology manufacturers, automotive. The course provides a rigorous, empirical approach to modern topics in Investment Management such as Asset Allocation, Investment Instruments, capital Markets and Global Investments. The course aims to provide participants with the theoretical as well as practical knowledge needed for investment expertise. This course complements the course financial Markets and Institutions to properly equip participants with tools needed to develop a proper investment decision., fIN641 : Banking assets liability management : (Credit hours: 3) Banking Assets and liability management is concerned with strategic balance sheet management involving.

area of interest in resume for mba marketing

Multinational capital budgeting, foreign direct investment, mKT651 : International Marketing : (Credit hours: 3). This course focuses on international problems and examines the external factors which influence a firms international markets and the segmentation of these markets. It familiarizes participants to international marketing strategies for small and medium sized firms and global players and the issues raised by their implementation. Finally, it introduces participants to the decision-making process for market entry strategies and product portfolio., mKT641 : Consumer Behavior : (Credit hours: 3). This course introduces students to a wide range of behavioral concepts, and explores the strategic implications of customer behavior for marketers. The mutual influence process between customers and marketers is examined with the goal of understanding how customer behavior theories and concepts can be used to enhance marketing decision making and to develop effective marketing mix strategies., mKT643 : Integrated Marketing Communication : (Credit hours: 3). The course is designed to develop the skills necessary to effectively plan, implement and evaluate advertising and promotional programs. Consequently, an understanding of the overall marketing process, consumer's behavior, communications theory and the media of advertising and promotion is included in the course to enable the student to acquire these skills. As a result, the various factors that must be considered in planning, developing, and implementing advertising and promotional campaigns and programs will business be examined.

concepts, principals, and rules of law that apply to international business transactions. Topics include how market infrastructure (contracts, commercial laws, intellectual property) affect business strategy, with special emphasis on legal differences between countries., mGT643 : Project Management : (Credit hours: 3). This course will introduce students to the many phases of a project's life cycle and how to address them through knowledge and understanding of Project Management principles and how to manage them effectively using Project Management techniques by monitoring and maintaining control of scope, time. This course provides a basic knowledge of international finance and shows how international financial environment affects giant multinationals as well as other firms that involve in international trade and transactions. It will also cover issues related to international financial markets, and international financial management. The course is targeted primarily to second-year mba students who are specializing in Finance by way of the corporate financial Management and the Investment Management Majors. Topics covered include:    Foreign exchange rate determination, foreign currency options and futures, sources of global equity and debt.

This program ensures you are up-to-date with latest changes and equipped for success in this rapidly developing field. You will cover essentials such as the differences between Islamic and traditional banks, as well as how bank accounts work under Sharia principles. On top of this, the syllabus explores the key activities of Islamic banks the key activities of Islamic banks and trends in Islamic portfolio management., mGT641 : Entrepreneurship : (Credit hours: 3). The course explores the concept and practice of entrepreneurship line and its relationship to progress, with a focus on creating and growing global ventures. It analyses the determinants of innovation and develops the skills change managers need to analyze opportunities and stimulate more entrepreneurship, innovation, enterprise, and initiative from their employees. It also helps students to understand concepts of going to market and competitive sustainability., bUS653 : Cross Culture communication negotiations : (Credit hours: 3). This course focuses on issues, aspects and difficulties of doing business negotiations in Cross-Cultural communication settings. Specifically, it examines the negotiating types, processes and games. It good emphasis on the interactions of variables related to ultra language, religion, values, attitudes, social organization, education and political environment in the context of (transnational / international business.

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MKT642 : Marketing Research : (Credit hours: 3). Designed to give students experience in writing acquiring, analyzing, and presenting information for making decisions about the marketing of goods and services. The topics include: methods for collection, analysis, and interpretation of data, demand analysis, and forecasting. Ultimately, this course is not intended to make participants market researchers, but rather good users of marketing information. A pilot market research study is required., fIN643 : Islamic Finance : (Credit hours: 3). This course allows participants to enter this increasingly crucial area equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out vital Islamic financial operations. Many countries have recently seen a rise in demand for Islamic banking services, causing the sector to experience international expansion.

Area of interest in resume for mba marketing
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  5. The mba in Operations and Supply Chain Management degree online program exposes you to the latest topics in the field, preparing you to make critical management decisions. Choosing to pursue a masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree will give you the mba skills and competencies you need to step into a leading role in the business world. Our top-ranked online mba program is structured to give you the competitive advantage needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive business environment. Proof of proficiency in English. Teaching in the undergraduate and mba programs at touro college berlin is conducted exclusively in English.

  6. Tuition and Financial Aid Information Pursuing your mba is an investment in yourself and in your future. Wharton is committed to helping you explore financing options so that you make informed decisions. A common question: Should you add degrees or credentials after your name on your resume and LinkedIn profile? Because you are marketing yourself in the job market, be careful how you present yourself so your target employers see you as a viable candidate. Information about ut tyler College of Business & Technology including: Master's of Business Administration, Graduate degree plans, masters Degree, business Administration, and more. See yourself Succeed in Operations & Supply Chain Management.

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