Development of sri lanka essay

development of sri lanka essay

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Low-cost tourist destination with proximity to Indian sub-continent and south-East Asia. Weakness * Destruction due to natural calamity - asian Tsunami caused severe damage to several coastal areas. Most areas have recovered but some are still in the process of recovering. Safety security - though the country has declared victory over ltte, there is still unrest in northern and eastern province of Sri lanka where most Tamils are based * Medical facilities and emergency help is severely limited or unavailable in some areas * Limited. An advertising agency has been hired to build brand image and increase market reach * Eco-tourism is now gaining popularity. Many regions in Sri lanka are yet to be explored. Focus areas: beach tourism, cultural tourism, tea tourism, Eco-tourism, religious tourism.

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Sltpb needs to be connected jet with aviation of Sri lanka system and try to simplify the tourist aviation activities. Eg: introducing several separate counters for foreigners to do the custom and baggage clearing. Sltpb wants to make sure, the fasted service is provided to them in any situation. Eg: Scheduling tours time in the night in busy cities like colombo and Kandy. Above mentioned all marketing mixes are very important resume to achieve governments and Mahinda Chinthana goals as well. 5.0 swot analysis swot analysis helps in matching a firm's resources and capabilities to the competitive environment in which it operates. Using the method we weigh up Sri lanka tourism's internal strengths and weaknesses against external opportunities and threats. Strengths * Assortment of attractions in Sri lanka (palm fringed beaches, warm waters, diverse landscapes, ancient culture, arts, world heritage sites) and its friendly people make sri lanka a worthwhile tourism spots. Pleasant weather with ethnically, linguistically and religiously diverse country. Significant long-term government support for the industry. Cultural orientation, religious values, respect for people and traditions, and sacred sites.

The beautiful rain forests, mountain ranges and scenic plantations can be visited within a few hours (approximately 4-5 hours travel time and visitors can experience the many wildlife sanctuaries that are located on essay this Small Miracle Island. People Sri lanka is an island with smiling and friendly people who are well known for their hospitality. Sri lanka has the highest Literacy rate in southern Asia. These people are very famous for caring others. The English knowledge of people is very attractive and standardized. Process sltpb needs to introduce some simple process for visa process which is very attractive for the visitors. Especially it has to look at tourist and Business visa to the country. The complexity of this process leads to unpleasant for the tourist.

development of sri lanka essay

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This organization is dedicated to this one behalf Sri lanka government in Sri lanka. It focuses on building good relationship with every government and trying to promote Sri lanka tourism. It is trying to organize more international activities in Sri lanka which gives more data about Sri lanka to the world such as organizing Cricket World Cup 2012 in Sri lanka. Sltpb is targeting to promote pilgrim traffic and the heritage/cultural visitors from china. It is trying to be focused to build seven starts hotel in Sri lanka with the help of foreign investment to attract more tourists. Physical evidence As everyone knows, Physical evidence is most evaluated critical factor in the tourism industry. Sri lanka is beautiful island is indeed a land like no other and uniqueness and size earned it the name 'taprobane' and 'The pearl of the Indian Ocean.'. Major tourist attractions are focused around the island's famous beaches located in the southern media and eastern parts of the country, ancient heritage sites located in the interior of the country and lush green resorts located in the mountainous regions.

Parking areas: sltpb always tries to introduce some new standards and laws on spa, post shops and health centers to increase in qualities on this area. Pricing Pricing is the key to marketing strategy and acts not only as a weapon to counteract competitors but also ensures survival of enterprise. Sltpb has major responsible towards retaining and increasing on world tourism market shares and Individual tourist needs to be realized the value is spent is worth is important when it comes to the pricing. The regulatory authority of all tourism related developments, the sltpb is involved in establishing, updating and regulating industry standards in the travel and tourism industry, registering and licensing tourist service providers, inspecting and monitoring tourist establishments and service providers, and formulating and regulating prices charge. Place here sltpb concentrates on distributional channels. It promotes more tourist agencies across the world to obtain more tourist numbers in Sri lanka and also motivates local agencies to operate in foreign by providing several benefits such as Tax exemption, It also provide the appropriate tour time and distances from various spot. Promotion Promotions have become a critical factor in the service marketing mix.

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development of sri lanka essay

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Further, the same report segments the age of visitors into six and according to this, In fact, according to the data in Figure 3, the 30-39 years group for ranked 1st, followed by 40-49 group in 2nd place and 20-29 age group in the 3rd place. This information is given in Figure 3, below: Figure 3: Age analysis of tourists (2011) age-years percentage rank.4 4.3 6 total 100 mobile - source: Sri lanka tourism Promotion Bureau (2012). The tourists profile maybe further expanded by analyzing the occupation of tourists visiting Sri lanka. This data has been grouped into eight and leading the table is other occupation (24.3) and no occupation (23.7). Due to people in the west doing short-term jobs and in-between switching jobs, take a holiday, especially in winter.

Data pertaining to this variable may be found below. Figure 4: Occupation of tourists visiting Sri lanka (2011) source: Sri lanka tourism Promotion Bureau (2012). Marketing Mix As everybody knows that sltpb promotes Sri lanka as best tourism destination to the world using following marketing mixes which give competitive advantages since 2009 in Sri lanka tourism which are discussed below. Products/Services The product in service marketing mix is intangible in nature so it cannot be measured even though it is based on three major factors such as follows The climate: Climate is defined as the condition of the atmosphere at a particular location over. Taverns-restaurants: sltpb controls and monitors the industry by introducing laws and quality assurance to all kind of restaurant with regards to food and beverages which is more attracted tourism.

Make tourism Sri lankas third largest foreign exchange earner, and 4). Transform tourism to become the fastest job creator, which could help reduce unemployment level. Markets and market size according to, a 10 year medium-term strategic plan has been developed and implemented, with focus on high as well as mid-end segments. Sltbp is targeting all outbound tourist markets globally, its focus has always been in Western Europe, asia, north America and Australasia and in this context; both the average annual growth rate and the tourist arrivals for the year 2011 are given hereunder (Annual Statistical Report. Tourists profile In order to construct the profile of tourists visiting Sri lanka, below are the employed geographic, demographic and buyer-behaviour segmentation variables.

According to the ceylon Hotels Corporation (2012 tourists are classified by purpose of visit namely: 1). Religious and cultural, 4). Relations and friends, 5). Meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions (mice and 6). Figure 2 below shows, pleasure/ leisure seeking visitors top the list, whilst business visitors and those visiting relations and friends had come 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Figure 2: Purpose of visit to Sri lanka (2011) source: Central bank of Sri lanka. Sri lanka socio-economic Data lombo. Tourists may also be classified by age and gender and according to the sltpb (2012 the male: female ratio of tourists visiting Sri lanka in 2011 was.5:.5.

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Introduction to The Sri tnt lanka tourism Promotion Bureau. The Sri lanka tourism Promotion Bureau (sltpb set-up in 2005 under Section 2 of the Sri lanka tourist act. 38 is the successor of the now defunct ceylon tourist board, Sri lanka tourist board and story the Sri lanka tourism board. The decision by the incumbent government in this regard underscores its commitment to develop Sri lanka tourism to its fullest as south-East Asias natural choice for holiday and leisure activities within a short time span of ten years and accordingly, the sltda is mandated with. The mahinda Chintana and Sri lanka tourism. President Mahinda rajapakse the 5th Executive president of the democratic, socialist Republic of Sri lanka in his MahindaChintana meaning Future vision had identified tourism as a catalyst capable of generating gainful employment- both direct and indirect, thereby considerably reducing the rate of unemployment and poverty. The Presidents objective is to 1). Achieve two million tourist arrivals by the year 2016, 2). Target the up-scale free independent Travellers (fits) who are comparatively high spenders.

development of sri lanka essay

(Sri lanka socio-economic Data 2012). According to the world tourism Organization (media. a total of 457. Tourists had travelled during the first half on 2012 and as at the end of 2012, a record. People were expected to travel, thus professional indicating that international tourism remains firmly on track, despite concerns over global economy, the annual growth rate of 5 had been achieved. Tourism had been one of the few sectors to show remarkable growth, thus generating new jobs (media. The world economic Forum in his annual report of 2011 had ranked Switzerland 1stand Sri lanka 81stamong 139 countries surveyed (wef.

lies at the southern tip of India and was once ruled by the natives themselves and conquered by the south Indian kings, portuguese and the dutch at different. Finally, sri lanka won its independence from the British in 1948 and since then has been called the democratic Socialist Republic of Sri lanka (bbc). The country boasts of a vibrant democracy and governed by an Executive president, Prime minister who is more or less, is a figure head, and a cabinet of Ministers (Ferguson 2004). Though agriculture has been the mainstay of Sri lankans, migrant labour, tea and tourism have become major foreign-exchange earners (Central Bank of Sri lanka). Of the total population of 21 Mn,.89. Persons are in the labour market of which 145, 215 are employed directly in the tourism sector.

Figure 3: Age analysis of tourists (2011).07. Figure 4: Occupation of tourists visiting Sri lanka (2011).08. Figure 5: Ansoffs growth vector matrix.14. Figure 6: Positioning Map16, figure 7: smmr model of communication.17. Acronym, sltpb " milton's Sri lanka tourist Promotion Bureau. Sltda - sri lanka tourist development Authority. Mn " Million, bN " Billion, fITs " Free independent Travellers.

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Sri lanka- a profile04.0. Global tourism trend.04.0. Introduction to The Sri lanka tourism Promotion Bureau.04.1. The mahinda Chintana and Sri lanka tourism.05.2. Markets and market size.05.3. Tourists profile06.0 Marketing Mix.08.0 swot analysis.11.0 Segmentation.13.0 Marketing Strategies.14.0 Positioning.16.0 Marketing communication activities and strategies.17.0 Brands and brandings.18.0 Network and customer relationships marketing strategies.18.0 e-marketing, viral and guerilla marketing activities and strategies.18.0 Role and effectiveness of Public Relations activities and strategies.19.0 Recommendations.20.0 Conclusion.22. Figure 2: Purpose of visit to Sri lanka (2011).07.

Development of sri lanka essay
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  1. India is active in a number of areas of development activity in Sri lanka.

  2. Lanka and to offer a prescription for reform to boost the economy. It also held an essay contest at the event, which brought in one. Institute of peace (usip) is committed to educating the next generation of peacebuilders about the. Sri lanka officially the. This historical event marks the official commencement of planned tourism development of Sri lanka. Known as Lanka -the.

  3. provided Custom essay writing guidance in Moratuwa and other major cities of Sri lanka to various students of k-12, college. in the development Of tourism In Sri lanka tourism Essay. Free papers on a thought experiment my vision corruption free. knowledge solutions, and development of advanced infrastructure as the country transforms into an upper-middle-income country. behind a barbed-wire fence in the menikfam Vanni refugee camp located near the town of Chettekulam in northern Sri lanka, may 1, 2009.

  4. The development of hotels, hostels, restaurants and surf camps is actually still very new and most of the local community is really. this section will demonstrate the linkages present in a number of government issues that have hindered the development of Sri lanka. landscapes and geoffrey bawas evocative architecture with a practised his own words: Sri lanka is a truly exotic destination. been the mainstay of Sri lankans, migrant labour, tea and tourism have become major foreign-exchange earners (Central Bank of Sri lanka. The Open University of Sri poverty in sri lanka essay admissions 2018 Last date.

  5. Some people development of sri lanka essay contend that mixed ability classes are more beneficial for childrens. Meditation Centres development of sri lanka essay in Sri, lanka by Andrew quernmore. the chest development of sri lanka essay and arms; like an development of sri lanka essay old rugby gre argumentative essay sample prop. the loss of silver and gold to buy silk to pamper India sri lanka relations essay wives, and the southern route grew to eclipse and. planningâs of development programs, to control and regulate the development activities in the country and to do preservations and. Top Custom Essay writing Company Essay about Sri lanka and Effects of Climatic Changes world tourism and development of the destinations.

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